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In these Print/Painting Assemblages I have taken a considerable leap from the art I have done in the past, and yet there remains an intrinsic continuity in that these new pieces are made mainly of prints and paintings, media with which I have worked for many years. This current work came about when I asked myself, “What would happen if I were to take one of these old prints from the pile, cut it into strips, twist the strips then glue them down?” Parts of both the front and back of the print or painting would be showing. After making a third surface (printed/painted/etc.) to slip under the strips and then addressing some technical issues in the technique, I discovered that these Print/Painting Assemblages (a name I assigned to these works) are the answer to my question, “What would happen if….”




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Sister Marion’s art is inspired by the New Story of Creation and the works of Thomas Berry and others. Her lifestyle reflects being in harmony with Earth and having a loving respect and appreciation for all Earth’s creatures. Since her art comes from this place of reflection and integrity, I believe that it inspires, it moves at a primordial depth within. It is life-changing. Sometimes the art pieces are hard to view because they speak of the anguish that Earth feels. The artist helps us hear these cries of Earth. Sometimes the artworks are celebrations of Earth’s extravagant beauty. Sometimes the art helps us to see Earth moments in terms of the New Story, with a long and loving view of Earth’s ancient evolutionary process.

By Lin Neil, CSJ
The Homeland Committee
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet